Friday, April 11, 2014

Breaking Down Normcore

Normcore is a word that has been going around the fashion circles for a while now and it seems like 2014 is the year it goes mainstream, after doing the rounds in the underground fash crowds for a while people are starting to take notice and the first to do so was the trend forecasting group from New York called K Hole, What exactly is Normcore, i'm sure that the question you asking yourself as you read this, i'm going to break it down for you, the media calls it the anti fashion trend or anti fashion fashion, and i call it the fashion world moving away from over the top fashion and everyone trying to stand out and embracing sameness, the anti hipster fashion but lets be honest here, normcore is very much fashion.

Normcore might look like you’re dressing normally, but you're actually dressing fashionably in an understated normal way, (Think icons like Jerry Seinfeld or Steve Jobs ) but there is a trick to it, you have to young and have that i don't care attitude and confidence and cool to you.  This trend might seem like its new ( think 90's minimalism) but fact is its not its been around for a very long time but with a different name you where a nerd if you where about the normcore look but the stylish kids of fashion blogs around the world have made it their own and sending a message to the fashion world at the same time, whats that message ? style is not about brands and believing that looking stylish shouldn't be restrained by what brands you wear or how trendy you can be. True style means effortlessly putting together a look from your own fashion favorites in stylish ways. even i have noticed that over the years my look has gone from over the top trying to stand out to simple grey tees chinos, sweats snap-backs all paired with sneakers or sandals so normcore.

Remember if you want to pull off the normcore look, brands are not the basis think about pairing those faded dad-or-mom jeans or sweats with a classic white tee and basic running sneakers and since its winter a long knee length coat to finish the look off.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look Of The Day : Juan Jesús Reyes

Today's look comes from blogger/DJ Juan or JJ as most call him, its almost winter that time of the year most people hate but i love why ? layering and Juan does it with a twist, when i first saw this trend on the fall men's runways short over long i thought it was too extreme not wearable but after seeing this look i think i might be in love,the way its styled with a casual feel to it acid wash jeans black printed tee and vans, my kind of look, if you want to pull this look of, you want to get specific about it, the way to do it is shorter layers on the outside worn over longer ones. I love this look because its about taking a traditional menswear look and giving it a subtly cool and unique twist by playing with length.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Look Of The Day : Jess Van Wyk

Today's look of the day comes 20 year blogger and student from the mother city Cape Town Jess, she is the brain child behind THEFASHIONFRECKLE, i love her simple laid back no fuss style and this look is not different, mixing 3 of my favorite things right now which can easily be transitioned into winter hint hint, Camouflage, Cutout boots and simple grey, and that pop of colour with that Zara Chanel inspired purse perfection.



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