Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Look Of The Day : Elie Bouakaze-Khan

To a lot of people winter might seem like is way to far for the fashion world to already be getting ready for it it, but reality is its not that far and there's always that month that's not too sure whether its summer or winter, i call it the transitioning month where you don't have to wear too many layers but a blazer a cardigan or denim jacket will help for those chilly mornings and chilly night but can easily remove it during the day when it get too hot ( especially in this Botswana heat) , this is what this look Elie is wearing is all about that, style by Kodie he adds his own taste with the mustard socks which make this look exciting and you can never go wrong with an over sized black hat to complete your look.

Shot By : Modisa Brilliant Kodie
Location : CBD Gaborone Botswana

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Look Of The Day : Naledi "Sta" Letsididi

We haven't done a look of the day in a while, and that is because i only post a look of the day when i feel like the look is actually strong enough to be a look of the day.

And today's look is from the always stylish Naledi, i love this girl and her style is out of this world, no one can pull of the looks she pulls off like she does and this look is no different she paired a one piece swim suit with dark skinny jeans and then adds that mustard cardigan for the wow factor, what i love about this look is how simple it is and lets not forget about that bright lip YES.

Photo Credit : Lorraine Kinnear


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