Friday, November 14, 2014

Botswana Fashion Part III : By Thapelo Letsebe

About a week ago Thapelo got together with who he considers some of Botswana's best female fashion enthusiasts ( and I totally agree) to do a collaboration between Mmamontle and his new label ‪ ‎Yarn Hipster‬.  He says he was thoroughly inspired by their contributions behind and before the camera. He collaboratted with the amazing talented and beautiful women to bring his shoot and ideas to life Gaone Mothibi, Tsholo Dikobe,  Thuto Seane, ‪Casey Purshouse,  Lorraine Binie Kinnear, Tshepo-Losyka Kutjwe, and Cynthia B. Mothelesi who where all shot by the amazing photographer Kago of Kagography for his blog

This is by far one of the best shoots i have seen in a very long time, Thapelo's styling mixed with the Mmamontle accessories is just plain amazing and every piece he chose for each girl suites that girls's personality, you can tell who they are from the way they stylists styled them and how they rock the looks and you can totally tell that they all loved what they where in because that confidence shines right through the pictures and you cant help but smile and fall in love with them too BRAVO my friend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Look Of The Day : Lorraine Kinnear

Miss Kinnear, friend, family, loner, lover, fellow crazy and super stylish she is my look of the day, this look if from Dimitri's Art Exhibition at Thapong Visual Arts this past weekend, her clothes always reflect what kind of mood she is in, she never gets it wrong in my opinion and a lot of girls out there should take a page from her book, and this look is what Lorraine is all about, laid back and simple, but there's always a twist with her, take a look at those boots, they are EVERYTHING.

If you want more of Lorraine you can follow her on Twitter @ElleKinnear92 and on her Blog L'ECKLECT

Photo Cred : Kgosi Jay Sethoko


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