Thursday, January 29, 2015

Look Of The Day : Naledi "Sta" Letsididi

We haven't done a look of the day in a while, and that is because i only post a look of the day when i feel like the look is actually strong enough to be a look of the day.

And today's look is from the always stylish Naledi, i love this girl and her style is out of this world, no one can pull of the looks she pulls off like she does and this look is no different she paired a one piece swim suit with dark skinny jeans and then adds that mustard cardigan for the wow factor, what i love about this look is how simple it is and lets not forget about that bright lip YES.

Photo Credit : Lorraine Kinnear

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

L'ECKLECT® + Monochrome Series (Opening Act) x Casey Purshouse

She is one of my favorite people to work with because of her artistic eye and creative brilliance and one of my favorite people in general, i remember a while back Lorraine telling about this idea she had to do a black and white series, at first i thought she just wanted to do black and white shoot, you know the normal fashion shoot with the pictures shot in black and white, but she told me, you are just going to be blown up and boy did she blow my mind with this.

This is the first part of her Monochrome Series with the always gorgeous Casey as her muse and it is called Opening Act, and what an opening act it is.

Lorraine says this shoot was originally inspired by photographer Steven Miesel and his black and white photography which made her think deeper about black and white, she came up with the concept of striping down monochrome like presenting black and white as individual pieces and the ying and the yang was born

Photographer : Lorraine Kinnear
Styling : Lorraine Kinnear
Make Up : Lorraine Kinnear
Model : Casey Purshouse
Location: Mowana Park Phakalane


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